Title Safe Template

This tutorial covers the step-by-step process of creating a title safe template for broadcast animation.
One of the first things to do when working on a Flash-animated project is to set the default document size to broadcast animation standards. This way one will never have to worry about frame rate or whether the movie is of the right dimensions during development.

A. Make Default Work Area and Adjust Document Settings

1. Open the document settings: Modify > Document… (Ctrl+J).
2. Change the width and height to 720×540, respectively.
3. Change the BG color to white (if it’s any other color).
4. Change the frame rate to 24.
5. Click on the “Make Default” button.

document settings

B. Construct the Title Safe and Action Safe Box

1. Select the Rectangle Tool
2. Select the bright red color on the stroke color palette and draw a rectangle on the work area

color red

3. Remove the fill color by selecting and deleting it so that only the rectangle’s outline exists
4. Using the Align window (Ctrl+K), align the box to the center of the stage. Make sure to check “Align to stage”

align to stage

5. Copy the red box and scale it to 90% the original size to create a smaller box (Ctrl+Shift+S)
6. Copy the smaller red box and scale it to 90% again, thus creating three boxes
7. Create a small “+” in the center of the box

title safe and action safe

8. Select all 3 boxes and the plus sign and convert to symbol (F8)
9. Name the symbol “Title Safe”; Type: Graphic; Registration: Center
10. Select the Title Safe Symbol and Distribute to Layers
11. Convert the layer to a guide
12. Open the Library (Ctrl+L) and right-click on the Title Safe graphic symbol and choose “Move to…”
13. In the “Move to Folder” select “New Folder” and name it “Ref”

move to new folder

14. Back on the timeline, move the guide layer to the top
15. Create another layer above it and name it “Notes”
16. Create a layer below the “Title Safe” layer and name it “Audio”
17. Rename the blank layer below “Audio” to “Scene”
18. Create a new layer below “Scene” and name it “Animatic”

Thus the 5 layers you’ve stacked one over the other are: Notes, Title Safe, Audio, Scene, Animatic

Flash timeline

C. Saving as a Template

1. File > Save as Template
Name: 720×540
Category: Animation

save as template

So when opening Flash the next time, choose “New from Template” and choose the template just created under the Animation tab.

Disclaimer: this tutorial was made using Adobe Flash CS5.