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Indie Jones

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Indie Jones is a pixel animation game about Nathan Kuruna, an indie documentary filmmaker who is running a campaign to help fund his movie.

In collaboration with programmer Sean James McKenzie, I worked on game art and animation.


Indie Jones was made as a branding medium to drive gamers to Kickstarter to help generate revenue for the documentary.

The game is set in the caves of a distant exotic land, where Indie Jones finally finds his calling card to grab an Oscar. But upon grabbing it he steps right into a booby trap and is chased by a giant boulder that’s about to crush him. Help Indie run down a long corridor of doom, collecting all the riches he can while dodging obstacles along his path.

 The project this game supported pulled in $15,151 and was funded 121% over the estimated cost. Want to know more about the documentary and support the cause? Go here.

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