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Wreck Center 2

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Wreck Center 2 is an action shooter game where Deaky D, a popular character from the NFL Rush Zone, battles endless waves of robots, collects power-ups and earns as many points as possible. Wreck Center 2 draws inspiration from the original arcade game Smash TV. Following the success of the first Wreck Center, which has over two million plays, Wreck Center 2 was designed to include more intuitive and tighter game play, tougher challenges, smarter AI and a robust engine.

Teaming up with programmer Sean James McKenzie, I worked on art and animation for the game.


Learning from the first Wreck Center‘s success, it was easier to implement a more fluid game mechanic for the sequel. The new challenge was to introduce entertaining elements that extended gameplay.

laser tower concept art

By introducing bonuses and power-ups that created a new set of rules, the player had a shorter learning curve to figure out what each one did. It was, ultimately, the laser tower that took the simple action shooter game to another level. The laser tower was programmed to activate at certain time intervals and shoot out powerful laser beams or a hail of cannons that would injure the player or deactivate enemies momentarily. This addition made the game more challenging because it became a vital strategy to study the laser tower’s behavior and take maximum advantage of the situation.

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