NFLRZ Emergency

NFLRZ Emergency

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Teaming up with programmer Nick Cherry, I designed and animated NFLRZ Emergency.

Character Turnaround


Level Design

Level Design

Each level was designed such that the player could finish the level 30 seconds before time ran out.

Art Assets

Robot Turnaround

NFLRZ Emergency is the biggest game in the NFL Rush Zone with 10 suspenseful levels, survival horror style, and unique items like teleporters, speed boosters and cloaking devices.

The NFL Rush Zone, once freely roamed by the fun-loving Gameballs and Rushers, has been attacked by the evil Blitz Bots. Torgogog, the chieftain of the Rushers, covertly infiltrates the ruined cities to rescue the newly turned hostages. He must lead as many as possible back to the safety zone before the rescue vehicle arrives. NFLRZ Emergency draws its inspiration from PlayStation Network exclusive The Last Guy.

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