Hi, I’m Ajay Karat, a Multidisciplinary Artist from California. Over the last ten years I’ve created content for games and television. I also design experiences for the web and mobile.


linkUIUX Dungeon Rampage Interface
Link UXUI Radical Comics
Link UXUI Kosnoski Eye Care
Link UXUI Ecotripper

Game Concepts

Link Concepts Gem Thief
Link Concept Fallout Mini Game
Link Concept Animash
Link Concept Castle Crashers


Link Games Dungeon Rampage Red Ranger
Link Game Cut-n-Smash
Link Game Psyclops HQ
Link Game NFLRZ Emergency
Link Games Tom Balloon
Link Game Tim and Tom | Basketball
Link Game 2 MinuteDrill
Link Game Wreck Center2
Link Games TAPS
Link Games Fix-a-Tim
Link Game sketchers
Link Game Noah Way’s Flight
Link Games Seal Heroes
Link Game Indie Jones
Link Games Green My Parents


Link Animation Lalaloopsy
Link Animation Stronghold
Link Animation Dungeon Rampage
Link Animation Dethklok
Link Animation The King and the Barbarian
Link Animation Mucha Lucha
Link Animation Higglytown Heroes
Link Animation XM Radio
Link Animation NFL
Link Animation Brandissimo Holiday Card
Link Animation Reservoir Dogs
Link Anim Death of A
Link Animation Castle Crashers Red Knight
Link Animation Starz Tvoovies


link design illustration
Link Design The Behemoth Car
link Design NFL Rushzone
Link Design Brandissimo Mee Ventures
link Design Vretta
link Design Artzooka
Link Design The Devastator
Link Design Fantasy Football Now

When I’m not busy drawing or designing, I write tutorials for Devil’s Apple, go hiking, and ride my motorcycle.